Résumé Tips

 Résumé Tips

1. Check for spelling errors, typos, and poor grammar

2. Avoid unprofessional email addresses

3. Double check your contact info, dates and titles

4. Formatting – don’t use boxes, templates, tables, use of header and footers, etc

5. Chronological resumes preferred, avoid objectives or meaningless introductions

6. Résumé length – nothing over 2 pages, 1 page preferred (depending upon experience)

7. Avoid personal info not relevant to the job – examples: marital status, SS#, children, etc.

8. Education, salary, and employment dates – will be verified, make sure it’s all accurate

9. Professional certifications (CFA), licensures (Series 7), top schools – should stand out

10. Professional font choice and layout style are recommended

11. Email resumes as a WORD attachment.  (pdf, zip files, faxed, web page resumes, mailed resumes – not recommended.)

12. Do not add pictures, colors, graphics or URL links

13. Avoid writing resumes in 1st or 3rd Person

14. Email Résumé size at 100%, versus enlarging

15. If you have different versions of your resume, keep accurate records of which résumé you are sending out to different firms

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